While in preparation for this Sunday’s “Danske Bank Vilnius Marathon”, there are going to be organised exclusive activities, called “Prepare For Marathon”. The activities are going to be held by singer Ingrida Žiliūtė who is planning to run a marathon this year. She’ll be joined by the short musical festival’s “MfESt” creative group. They’ll talk about how Ingrida and other artists are preparing for the second “marathon” – musical festival’s premiere in Vilnius in the middle of September.

During the socially active event it is going to be talked about healthy recipes. “Prepare For Marathon” enthusiasts will not only hear the useful information which concerns the running but also lots of interesting details about musicals. Participants will receive free and specially made all natural energy cocktails. According to Ingrida Žiliūtė, it is essential to eat right before running very long distances: “A person who runs long distances burns lots of calories. These cold pressed cocktails are conservative-free and are one of the best ways to gain energy (in contrary to artificial mixtures bought by women who seek to lose weight).”

This famous woman started talking about dieting not without a reason. This is the topic that she and “MfESt” creative group will try to tackle in one of the six unique short musicals of the festival. Singer says that being on a diet for her is quite a difficult task and the weight usually comes back anyway. “Balanced eating habits, sport and sleep are much better than depriving your body in any kind of way” said Ingrida.

This famous woman, a mother of three sons tells us that she got into sports more actively only after her last pregnancy, although she participated in similar kind of marathons not once before. “I even celebrated my birthday while training. My friends came to wish me happy birthday wearing leggings and running shoes, not fancy dresses. Exercising with a professional trainer lasted for an hour. We tried to both celebrate and train intensely at the same time.”

According to Ingrida Žiliūtė, marathon initiative motivates and is more worthy than, for example, passive consumption of alcohol or smoking. “Even pain motivates while running. Every participant – whoever he or she would be – professional or an amateur knows what it means to reach the finish line, the hills before it, the battle against your own will, the feeling when you are about to give up. In this way we overcome ourselves because we do so much more than we imagined it was possible for us” says Ingrida Žiliūtė and invites everyone to join “Danske Bank Vilnius Marathon” initiative.

 This Thursday Ingrida will advise on how to substitute unhealthy foods to the healthy ones in the Cathedral square, Vilnius, 5.30PM