Vilnius marathon 2020 will happen as planned – this year the biggest running celebration will go on for two days straight

Vilnius marathon 2020 changes

The news about Vilnius marathon 2020 are finally here – the running event will happen in September as planned! This year the biggest running celebration will go on for two days straight.


Vilnius marathon 2020 was planned to take place only on September 13th. However, due to the worldwide pandemic the requirements for the mass events in Lithuania have changed. Thus, Vilnius marathon 2020 will last for 2 days straight – from September 12th to 13th. Two days of the event are enough to keep the safe number of the participants at the separate starts of all the distances.


As planned, Vilnius marathon 2020 will take place in Vilnius, Lithuania. The activities zone will be in the Cathedral Square, as well as the starts and the finishes of all the distances.


To ensure the safety of the participants in the starts, there may be a possibility to have 2 starts for every distance, except marathon distance.
All the participants registered till June 22nd are included to the first start of their distance. After June 22nd, when the allowed number of the participants is reached, the newly registered participants will be included in the second start of their distance. Information about the start of the participant will be send together with the confirmation of the registration.


The full program of the event on September 12th and 13th:


For the safety of the participants during the event the safety measures will be taken:

  • On the days of the event the Cathedral Square, which is the start point for every distance, will be fenced;
  • Only the participants of the event will be let into the Cathedral Square;
  • The participants are highly recommended to entry the waiting zone with their own face masks (or any other face covering piece);
  • When entered the start zone the participants must keep the distance between each other;
  • The disinfectant stations will be installed at the entrance of the Cathedral Square;
  • The staff will be regulating the entrance flow;
  • The spectators and the cheerleaders will be advised to watch the race from the side of the course, not from the start / finish zone;

If you have any additional questions, please check F.A.Q.