Danske Bank Vilnius Marathon retains its long-standing general partner

“Danske Bank” has extended its cooperation agreement with “International Marathon” and together will organize the largest running event in Lithuania for three more years.

“Vilnius Marathon has long-standing traditions, however, the quality of the event we associate with the involvement of the Danske Bank. Our and partner values ​​and attitudes towards the biggest running race in the country, as a celebration for the participants, coincide. Over the years, the event has grown and we are setting ambitious plans for the future. Last year we dramatically reduced race course elevation which opened new opportunities for our athletes seeking high results. This year we expect to offer a single lap marathon course,” said race director Darius Valavičius.

Vilnius is becoming a more attractive city for sports tourists, and the marathon is a significant contributor to this. The organizers’ plans include a seek of the „Broze label“ race status. That will map out Vilnius among world’s best running events destinations. Annually, around 1,400 sports tourists from 55 countries come to run historic streets of Vilnius.

Vilnius Marathon has been associated with Danske Bank for 7 years, out of 15 years of experience. Through this time, the number of participants increased from 202 marathon runners in 2004 up to 15 204 participants in 2018.

In 2019, Danske Bank Vilnius Marathon will be held on September 8th. Participants will be able to choose between marathon, half marathon, 10 km, 5 km distance for adults, 1-2 km for school children. Children are invited to run 200 m.