Introduce yourself to the programme of „Danske Bank Vilnius Marathon“ 2015

Detailed programme of the event:

7:00 Registration, information centre and safety storage are open

8:30 Registration for Marathon and “Teo” Half Marathon is closed

8:45 IMPULS warmup

8:50 Participants start taking up their starting positions

8:52 Welcome speech by Vilnius Mayor

8:55 National anthem of Lithuania

9:00 Marathon and “Teo” Half Marathon START

9:15 “Lietuvos paštas” Team Relay race START

10:40 “Teo” Half Marathon awards

11:40 Marathon men awards

12:00 Baby strollers Run

12:10 “Lietuvos paštas” Team Relay race awards

12:30 Marathon women awards

13:00 “#BEACTIVE Children’s Run” (Age group: 2-4 years)

13:10 “#BEACTIVE Children’s Run” (Age group: 5-7 years)

13:20 “#BEACTIVE Children’s Run” (Age group: 8-12 years)

13:30 Registration for “Magne B6. 10 km” Run is closed

13:40 IMPULS warmup

14:00  “Magne B6. 10 km” Run START

14:50  “Magne B6. 10 km” Run awards

15:00  Registration for “RIMI Family” 4,2 km Run is closed

15:15 IMPULS warmup

15:30 “RIMI Family” 4,2 km Run START

16:00 “RIMI Family” 4,2 km Run awards

17:00 End of the programme