Company run challenge
To encourage employees of public and private sector organizations to participate in the Vilnius Marathon by competing against each other.

Registration and participation in the Challenge are open to public and private sector organizations operating in Lithuania. The registration form for the challenge must indicate the type of company – public sector or private sector organization and the number of employees. Registration for the Challenge is open from 13 March 2023.
Registration and participation in the Challenge is open until the end of the Challenge on 30 June 2023.Registration steps: If your organization already has a club in the Strava app:
  1. Only the current employees can represent the organization in the challenge. View the list of members of your organization and remove members who are no longer working for the organization. Set the club status to private, i.e., check “Make your club invite-only” in the club settings (if not set already). In the club settings under “Sport” you must select “Running.”
  2. Mandatory: click “follow” and connect the representative of the Challenge organizers, Vilius Jaujininkas, to your club
  3. Fill in the registration form.
Form: your organization does not have a club in the Strava app:
  1. Create a separate club for your organization in Strava website for the challenge
Instructions for creating a club (on your computer/browser): explore -> clubs -> create a club
Select “Running” under “Sport”
In the end, you must tick “Make your club invite-only.”Invite the organization’s employees that will participate in the Challenge to join the Strava Running Club.
  1. Mandatory: click “follow” and connect the representative of the challenge organizers Vilius Jaujininkas to your club
  2. Fill in the registration form.
Form: Please note: Creating a Strava club and editing the settings must be done in a browser (

The Rules of the Challenge


The Challenge runs from 20 March 2023 to 30 June 2023 (inclusive). The winners and runners-up of the Challenge will be determined by the number of kilometers run by the organization’s employees (Strava Running Challenge Club data, 100 most kilometers run) for the entire Challenge period. Challenge participants must upload the current week’s running workouts to Strava by Sunday, 20:00 (Lithuanian time). Organizations compete in the public sector and private sector categories in the large, medium, and small organization categories.

Large organization> 250 employees;
medium organization 50 – 250 employees;
small organization < 50 employees.

The winning organizations in the Challenge are rewarded with registrations for the 2023 Vilnius Marathon separately in the public and private sectors and the large, medium, and small organization categories:
A number of registrations will be awarded to the winners and runners-up in the large (> 250 employees) categories:
1st place – 100; 2nd place- 70; 3rd place – 50 4th place – 35; 5th place – 25
1st place – 60; 2nd place – 45; 3rd place – 35 4th place – 25; 5th place – 15
Small:1st place – 20; 2nd place – 15; 3rd place – 12 ;4th place – 10; 5th place – 8
The winners of the challenge will be congratulated and awarded trophies at the Vilnius Marathon on 10 September 2023.

Only current employees can represent their organization in the Challenge. A participant can represent only one organization.
In the event of a fraud case(s), the Organisers reserve the right to reduce the score achieved by the organization.
Participants in the Running Challenge must have undergone a health check, to participate in the Challenge of their own free will, without coercion from anyone, and assume all risks and responsibilities associated with their participation in the Running Challenge (including any medical conditions, etc.) and undertake not to make any claims against the Challenge Organisers in respect thereof.
The Organisers reserve the right to amend the Challenge Rules if necessary.
The project “Vilnius Marathon Expands the Running Community,” implemented by VšĮ Tarptautinis maratonas, is co-financed by the Sporto rėmimo fund and administered by the Švietimo mainų paramos fund.