Win official “Danske Bank Vilnius Marathon” T-Shirt!

Participate in the following contest and win official “Danske Bank Vilnius Marathon” 2015 T-Shirt!

How to become a participant? All you have to do is to complete the same distance as you did in “Danske Bank Vilnius Marathon” 2015 faster.


  • You don’t have to run the exact same course as during “Danske Bank Vilnius Marathon” 2015.
  • Your chosen running course’s distance has to be the same (or a little longer) as the one you completed in “Danske Bank Vilnius Marathon” 2015. What matters is for you to finish faster than you did during the event.
  • Capture your result in a picture or a screenshot and post its link to the official “Danske Bank Vilnius Marathon” Facebook page.
  • You are eligible to participate in this contest if you successfully finished the race course of Marathon, “Teo” Half Marathon, “Rimi Family” 4,2km Run or “CanCan” students’ Run.
  • We will give away a T-Shirt for 2 most “Liked” commentators (1 for each). 1 additional winner will be chosen by “Danske Bank Vilnius Marathon” staff.
  • Winners will be announced on December 11th in the comments of the contest post in official “Danske Bank Vilnius Marthon” Facebook page.
  • The amount and variety of T-Shirt sizes are limited.

Results of “Danske Bank Vilnius Marathon”2015.