For the first time in “Danske Bank Vilnius Marathon” “Perlas pace runners” for the full marathon race course are going to be “Noskrien” running  club members from Latvia. They are going to run in an even pace in order to finish in a given period of time: 3.00, 3.15, 3.30, 3.45, 4.00, 4.30 or 5.00 hours. One of the pace runners Ilona Fridmane tells us that not only pace runners help to finish in a given period of time but also try their best to motivate other runners when they are in the biggest need.

Pace runners make sure to keep an even pace throughout the race course. Is their exercise routine any different from other runners’?

We exercise daily as any other runners. Specific pace runner experience is gained during the events. The only difference is that a pace runner who is supposed to finish the race course in, for example, 4 hours, can actually do it 20-40 minutes faster.

Pace runners know all the course and control the running time. They have runners’ watches in which they follow all kinds of data. They will always know where the closest refreshment station is, keep an eye on fellow runners’ emotions and will definitely suggest help if needed.

“Noskrien” running club runners represent all kinds of professions. You just have to choose who would you like to run a marathon with.

Yes, they do represent all kinds of professions. We have doctors, farmers, lawyers, marketers, bankers, journalists, musicians, IT specialists and many others.

Is it your first marathon in Vilnius?

„Noskrien“ running club has run in the biggest marathons in all the continents but we‘ll debut as a pace group in Vilnius.

Why is it worth it to be a pace runner?

This is a special kind of way to feel the atmosphere of the event, to run in a pleasing pace without wasting all of the energy. Of course, this is a big responsibility because you have to be sure that you are going to be able to run all the time in an even pace and to help the other to do the same. Pace runners are experienced marathon or ultramarathon runners and so they have to help other runners to cope with their emotions, sometimes even by telling all sorts of stories. The best gratitude after the race is a thank you from the runners you ran with.

Why is it worth to be a part of a running club?

A big value is a feeling of belonging to a community. Also, it attracts people who have similar interests. Clubs organize daily exercising meetings, preparation for marathons. Belonging to a running club gives lots of motivation because you start to feel that whatever you are doing – you are not alone.

In the last year running in Lithuania has become very popular. Have you noticed the same in Latvia?

Every weekend there are running related events in Latvia. Sometimes even a few in one day. We run marathons, half marathons, ultramarathons, we race in stadiums and freeways, at night and in winter. Just as in Lithuania, running in Latvia is becoming more popular.

“Perlas pace runners” are going to be easy to spot from their special clothing and balloons.