Preparation for “Danske Bank Vilnius Marathon” 2016

Preparation for “Danske Bank Vilnius Marathon“ 2016 starts now. The registration has already started and the first one to register was Remigijus Kančys, the winner of “Danske Bank Vilnius Marathon“ 2014. Only a few weeks ago he beat his own record and qualified for Rio 2016.  Organisers of the upcoming event promise  even more guests from all over the world and even more serious competitors for marathon runners.

“By registering I want to encourage everyone to run your chosen distances, to challenge yourselves and to start doing sports if you haven’t already done that” – motivates Remigijus Kančys. “You have almost one year. Start preparing right now and I believe that you will surprise not only everyone around you but also yourselves”.

For those who are going to run their first marathon, athlete suggests to assess their capabilities  first. It is suggested to have already run 21 km for a few times before, to train consistently and not to overdo during the final days before marathon. He points out that before going to the start line you have to know exactly why you are doing it.

Encouraging to prepare responsibly

According to Darius Mikulis, director of Public Institution “Tarptautinis maratonas” which is organising “Danske Bank Vilnius Marathon”, the most active time of registration is one or two months before the event. Nevertheless, it is suggested to start preparing in advance, especially for those who are planning to run longer distances.

“We encourage everyone who is planning to participate in “Danske Bank Vilnius Marathon” to prepare responsibly. Running, just as any other physical activity is a higher load for your body, therefore you have to assess your physical capabilities and to check your health. You have to be smart while training. For those, who have less experience, we suggest to consult with trainers or more experienced runners, read recommendations written by trainers, nutritionists, psychologists, which are put to “Danske Bank Vilnius Marathon” journal every year.

Neurologist and a marathon runner Gediminas Kinderis suggests for amateurs and for those who are planning to run a full marathon not to overdo and to train consistently. While training before the marathon, a person has to run 30-35km for a few times. Doctor highlights that you have to save your energy and to run in 50-70% capacity. It is also very important to have a right balance of liquids in your body: you can not try to save time by not stopping at the refreshment stations around the track. According to the doctor, amateur runners should drink isotonic drinks and the more experienced runners are usually good with water only.

“It is important to have a health check before the race” says Gediminas Kinderis. “You have to be sure that you don’t have any heart diseases, that your heart rate is not too high and that you don’t have diabetes.  When the runner is at the start line, he can’t be tired. He has to be calm, rested, self confident. You don’t have to be afraid if you will have to walk from 35th kilometre to the finish line. Medals are given to everyone who reach the finish line” smiles the neurologist.

13th “Danske Bank Vilnius Marathon“ is going to be held on September 11, 2016. Registartion online