Team Cup

Danske Bank Vilnius marathon announces Team Cup.

Team cup – is a team competition, which awards the fastest running team.


Place Team Members  Points
1 Vestos ir Viliaus gyvenimo maratonas 10 6092
2 VOLVERE RUN 10 5928
3 NEKO Runners 10 5758
4 Runglorious Bastards 10 4946
5 TOP EXCHANGE 10 4730
6 Šviesos kariai 10 4674
7 F.O.C.U.S. Running 10 4553
8 Vilniaus bėgimo klubas 9 3798
9 Capital Runners 8 3735
10 Western Union 9 2340
11 COBALT 10 1953
12 NFQ team 9 971

Detailed results.



  • All running clubs/teams, which applied with a list of participants before September 1, 2019 are entitled to compete in Team Cup.
  • In total, 10 team members race in general marathon, half marathon and 10 K distance races in 2019 Danske Bank Vilnius marathon. They results are counted transferred into scores.
  • The team with the highest score wins.

Team registration

  • Participants firstly have to register to the chosen distance in the Danske Bank Vilnius marathon website
  • Participants must register with the club name. The name of the club must be the same for all participants in the registration.
  • Team leader/captain in addition submits an application form to before September 1, 2019. Later the requests will not be accepted.
  • All the changes in registration form can be done until September 1, 2019. After September 1 only participants’ changes can be done, not the distance. The fee is 5 EUR. All changes in registration form are performed after fee submission and notification.
    In case of team members change, only team leader can notify the organizers via the e-mail address of The fee is 5 EUR. Team leader must attach a copy of the payment and state clearly what information in the registration form he/she wants to change.
    All name changes must be done until 5th September.

Details for the payment:

Name of the company: VšĮ „Tarptautinis maratonas“
Address: Vytenio g. 6/23, Vilnius
Legal code: 300561278
VAT code: LT100008891011
Bank account number: LT307044060005482871
Bank code: 70440
Bank: AB SEB bankas

  • The organizers reserve the right to adjust or change the rules.


  • The team must delegate at least one participant to the marathon, half marathon and 10 K distances regardless of runner’s gender.
  • The team may choose to which distances distribute other 7 team members.
  • The results of men and women are counted separately, according to the results of the man winner and woman winner.
  • The results achieved by the team members are calculated according to separate formulas for marathon, half marathon and 10 K distances and by sex. All points collected by team members are summed up.
Marathon Rv = ( 2 -Td/Tn ) x 1000 Rm = ( 2 -Td/Tn ) x 1000
Half marathon Rv = ( 2 -Td/Tn ) x 800 Rm = ( 2 -Td/Tn ) x 800
10k Rv = ( 2 -Td/Tn ) x 600 Rm = ( 2 -Td/Tn ) x 600
Td – Runner‘s time

Tn – Winner‘s time

Rv – Men result Rm – Women result
  • The results are calculated based on the initial running results (participant’s time).
  • The winning team has the largest number of score points picking up the running team.


The winners will be announced on the day of the event. Best team will be awarded with:

  • Winners’ cup