Rimi Vilnius Marathon: frequently asked questions


How to change the distance?

  • If the distance is changed for a non-medical reason, the price difference and the change fee apply. This means that you have to pay the difference between the amount you paid and the registration price on the day of the change.
    Formula for a quick calculation: X (Current entry fee) – X(Amount paid by you) + 10 EUR (change fee, fixed) = the fee applicable to you.

Can I give my registration to someone else?

  • You can, but if you do so for personal reasons (not illness or injury) – a change fee of 10 EUR applies. After paying it, please send a copy of the payment with the details of the participant to whom you are giving the registration (name, surname, date of birth) using the details provided (at the bottom of the page), and we will change the details on the registration and inform you.

I want to add a running club to my registration/I did not enter my date of birth, name, surname, etc. correctly.

  • The participant can change the information provided during registration (name, surname, club/team name or any other information), the fee for changing the information in the registration form is 10 Changing the registration data is done when the participant pays for the service and informs the organisers by email info@vilniausmaratonas.lt, sending the payment statement and the data he/she wants to change together with the email. All changes must be made before 1 September.

Can I transfer my registration to another year?

  • After completing the registration form and paying the registration fee, a participant who is unable to attend on the day of the event can transfer his/her registration to next year’s Rimi Vilnius Marathon. The service fee is EUR 10. The transfer must be notified by 1 September 2024 inclusive.

I want to register, but I get a system error / discount code is not working / I cannot upload the participant list.

  • Please attach a screenshot to your email to info@vilniausmaratonas.lt so that we can identify the problem as quickly as possible and help you solve it.

I want to register a company team, but the invoice is not eligible for payment.

  • We will be happy to invoice you, please contact us at info@vilniausmaratonas.lt and attach the invoice you received and we will send you a new one.

Which personal data are absolutely necessary when registering a company team?

  • The list of participants cannot be uploaded into the system without:
    Name and surname
    Date of birth (yyyy-mm-dd format)
    Email address

We are worried about data protection / the company’s VPN is blocking your system. How do I register a team?

  • If you are unable to upload the participant list yourself, you can send it to us by post. The preferred format is the Excel file provided on the manobegimas.lt registration form.

Can I collect my colleagues’ starting numbers?

  • Unless it has been agreed in advance that you will come to collect all the company’s employee packs, you will need to show the ID of each participant whose number you want to collect (a copy and a photo is fine).

Can I buy a t-shirt after registration is complete?

  • Of course, you can purchase the T-shirt by bank transfer using the details below. Please indicate your name and the size of the t-shirt in the payment details.

When and where can I pick up my entry pack?

The information will be updaten soon.


I haven’t received a confirmation email, how do I know everything is OK?

If you find yourself on the list, you are definitely registered and there will be no problems. If you don’t find yourself on the list, please inform us by email and attach a copy of your payment.

I want to get my registration fee back – what should I do?

  • The registration fee is refundable only in case of illness or injury. Please attach a copy of the medical certificate and a copy of the payment to the email – the fee will be refunded to the account from which the payment was made.


Company details:

Public Institution “International Marathon”

Kedrų g. 3 (301-2 kab.), Vilnius

Company code: 300561278

VAT code: LT100008891011

A/S: LT307044060005482871 B/K: 70440, AB SEB bankas


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Regulations: https://www.vilniausmaratonas.lt/en/informacija/nuostatai/