Training plan, for your chosen distance Rimi in Vilnius Marathon 2021! ❤️

“Your first marathon” is a running training plan prepared by the best running coaches and athletes of the country, so the training is waiting for quality, efficient and most importantly allowing you to enjoy the running process.

The running training plan consists of a 13 – week preparation cycle where you can find the training tasks and goals for the following week on Sunday of each week. Here is an individual program for each distance – 5km /10km, half marathon, marathon. On Monday and Wednesday, you can see the training task in the plan or join the “Ruoškis bėgti” group trainings, where there will be no shortage of good emotions and running energy!

From the start of a light workout, your running routine will begin to develop at a natural, healthy rhythm. Your heart rate will stabilize and the kilometres kilometers covered will be a fun part of your running process. Training is the most important part of preparation, so running 30-40 minutes, four times a week, can be a great starting point to overcome your goals in your day and, of course, Rimi Vilnius Marathon 2021. Training together is fun, so consider meeting with friends, it’s will be a useful, additional motivation to move.

The plan can be followed by Rimi Vilnius Marathon 2021: